March 15, 2010
By atristino BRONZE, West Chicago, Illinois
atristino BRONZE, West Chicago, Illinois
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Hookah is an ancient tradition of Arabs
Hookah is a communal tradition
Hookah is a fusion of friends and family

The thick smoke from the vase
The strong draw from the hose
The cloud of thick white, airy smoke

Cloud cover that all can fall under
Where time slows and seems to have no start or end
Cloud cover is the shield that time and space can’t phase
The cloud covers the union of marriage
Tradition of marriage that seems to last forever
The cloud is the cover of life’s problems and successes

Hose is the draw of life
The pull can be harsh
Just like the stress from family
The pull can be clean and soft
Like playing a game with your friends
Life is the ever changing

Hookah is a tradition that covers every little worry
Ever little dream
Every hope
Every fantasy
Hookah covers it all

The author's comments:
While I was sitting in class, I saw the catapiller from Alice in Wonderland smoking hookah.

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