How to make Pants

March 15, 2010
By tonejobs BRONZE, West Chicago, Illinois
tonejobs BRONZE, West Chicago, Illinois
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Step 1- Call her up and make sure she’s still coming over.
Step 2- Get shot down…. Again
Step 3- Get a call back and accept her wanting to hang out.
Step 4- When she gets there tell her why you’re making the pants (it’s for your dragon).
Step 5- Get into a fight about who would win in a fight….
Step 6- Actually get into a fight.
Step 7- Continue fighting until she attacks with a kiss out of NO WHERE!
Step 8- Start falling for her and giving her that dopey look you give someone when they take your breath away.
Step 9- Breathe; because after that kiss she has taken away all the air in your chest along with your heart.
Step 10- Repeat step 2 because you get caught by your brother and remember that she’s there to help you make pants.
Step 11- Have her do a majority of the work so that way you can just watch her and read her body; by the way right now she’s hot!
Step 12- Once she’s done tracing and is now sewing the patterns give her a little tickle; cause although she’ll say she “hates” it, she isn’t going to stop you.
Step 13- Gently kiss her neck from behind, because now she’s almost done.
Step 14- Realize “Step 13” was all for nothing because now she has to go home.
Step 15- Walk her to her car, put all your cards on the table, and ask her to “help” you sew again some time.

Step 16- repeat “Step 2”.

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