"Little Princess"

March 15, 2010
By Tatijana Ambrose BRONZE, Morton, Pennsylvania
Tatijana Ambrose BRONZE, Morton, Pennsylvania
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Tonight is carefree
I go to a wild, crazy party
Everyone I see is drunk
Or getting drunk
In the dirty, messy, kitchen

I see drinks
Do I want one?
Should I have one?
To be cool,
To be popular,
To fit in,

In the back on my head
I think about my parents
Who call me their
“Little Princess”

What would they do if their
“Little Princess “
Get drunk

What would they say if their
“Little Princess”
Get’s in an accident
And dies

How would they feel?
How would they act?
They will probably
Feel sad and cry

So I decide not to drink
And go back being their
“Little Princess”
That they know and trust
Now I am at a party
I see vodka, beer, goose

Should I try one?
No, because I am their
“Little Princess”

The author's comments:
that drinking is not good and dont follow the crowd

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