I wait for Summer '10

March 15, 2010
By Mary Kate Brennecke BRONZE, Springfield, Pennsylvania
Mary Kate Brennecke BRONZE, Springfield, Pennsylvania
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I wait and wait
For summer ’10 to come
I’m tired of this cold weather
Knee deep in the snow
I’m ready for a new summer
Filled with new memories

I hear the seagulls calling
I see the flip-flops in my closet
Both waiting to come out
And be on my feet
The seagulls waiting
For people to go to the beach
So they can beg and beg for food

I can’t wait for the sun to come out
Bright and warm
With a big smile
The sun beaming on my face
Makes my hair look blonder then it is
The warm breeze of the blue endless ocean
And the hot, soft sand between my toes

My welcoming shore house
That I stay in almost all summer
The smell of the mouthwatering crabs and spicy old bay seasoning
That I smell my dad cooking
Going into town with the different shops
Like my favorite
The sweet-chocolate-cold fudge kitchen

These are the things I live for
The beach
The shops
And my shore house
For summer ’10 to come
And have a summer filled with memories and happiness

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