The Terrain Park

March 15, 2010
By Rada Ilieva BRONZE, Springfield, Pennsylvania
Rada Ilieva BRONZE, Springfield, Pennsylvania
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The terrain park
What a rush and thrill
But also a scare
It’s adrenaline
Going through your veins

The jumps take practice
But once you take off
You fly
On the way down
You look,
And see what’s underneath you
Stomping the landing
Is hard, but fun
And once you do it
You are hooked

The rails are challenging
Skinny or wide,
When you get on one,
There are rules to follow
Don’t catch an edge
Stay straight
And finally
Look at where you want to go
When you get off
And look back
You can’t believe what you just did

The half pipe,
One of the best events
And then descending
Along the walls
Is a lot of fun
But one wrong move
Can ruin it all
Turning feels bizarre
But getting used to it is facile
Let your imagination run loose
That’s what the half pipe is for

Falling down,
Is not exciting

You get right up
But others,

You just want to lay there

The bruises could be trivial or major,

But the terrain park

Is always worth them

When you get to the terrain park

You get a rush and a thrill

It’s adrenaline,

Going through your veins

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