The Awesome Rockstar

March 14, 2010
By arooba25 BRONZE, Sunnyvale, California
arooba25 BRONZE, Sunnyvale, California
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Pale, white-skinned when he was first born,
with grayish-dark blue shining eyes that stood out,
and ebony-like rich hair that were smooth and silky,
He was an inspiring orator of the Communist Party like Richard Wright,
his hometown was in India and named after the Mangaladevi Temple,
so it was called Mangalore, but to obtain a better education,
he went to Allabad which is vastly hot and humid,
Referred to himself as “prince charming”
given that he was handsome, immensely attractive
like Edward Cullen, but he wasn’t tall like a palm tree,
since he was amazing like the army officer Robert E. Lee
He was amusing as Adam Sandler
tremendously friendly, humorous, and humbled like Barack Hussein Obama
He always made hysterical and funny jokes,
and he was as helpful and benevolent as a bluish-gray dolphin,
As intelligent, studious, extraordinary and brilliant like no one else,
He who was influential to everyone that were once part of his life,
seeing as he was an inspiration for all that have known him,
and was generous, caring, and kind with everyone he’s known,
He who brought forth all the happiness in the world,
and who was the most loving and jovial about everything,
Forever compassionate, and enthusiastic about his work,
also lively, energetic, and honest, like the basketball champion Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Attended the finest and well-known American University of Beirut,
He was a spectator because he was fanatic for Cricket,
and enjoyed playing a variety of games such as,
Bridge, Hockey, Soccer, and many more
He was a magnificent story-teller because he had
fascinating and captivating stories to share,
He made everyone’s lives pleasant and gleeful
since he was not only a man of his own principles
but a man with laughter and giggles to share,
Extremely famous and popular among his close ones,
He never wasted his time and made each day count,
by being and striving for the best,
Remarkably the most excellent in any activity,
so we called him well-rounded,
He was willing to accomplish any task,
and made the best of everyday,
He encouraged and motivated all his children and grandchildren,
Wrote several poems and essays
which were and are a key portion of his exquisite works,
Who prefers to try any kind of meal,
and grew excited for the next day,
As playful and awesome as he ever could be,
He was superb and talented at everything,
He was an extravagant role model
and he was unique because he was one of a kind,
He was the most fantastic, fabulous, and splendid
grandfather a granddaughter could ever hope for,
because he had knowledge, passion, and lore,
and his name was Abid Kazmi but I called him “Abba”

The author's comments:
I was inspired by the tremendous amount of achievements my grandfather accomplished.

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