Actions Lead to the Fall

March 14, 2010
By Anonymous

Examining actions to keep my mind from calamity.

Emotions runnin' and gunnin' from the rise to the setting of the sun until they overflow to the point where they nearly take over me. Myself. and I

Why am I not surprised that my eyes are blind to reality? Confusion around me. Surrounds me. Life lived unhappily.

I run into darkness for the sake of escape, but am I actually running away or staying in place?

Just working for nothing. Making no progression but rather repetition of what I wish wasn't something of worth, but this earth that I'm on makes it seem like a, rather a nightmare.

I wouldn't even care if there wasn't suspision of whether or not my mind is going in the direction of falling in love from above or taking a path that would rub me raw with transgressions like sandpaper rubbing my skin.

Trying to get in, dig deeper, take over, looking over my shoulder to see deamons screaming at me. I can't believe that I didn't receive the hints that I might one day hit a wall and can't move on. Screaming while no one hears my call.

I wont get out. I'm stuck in quicksand with no hand to pull me out of the mouth of death. I will die with the question of how it even happened still stuck in my mind.

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