Unsold Property

March 14, 2010
By Midnight_Thinker BRONZE, Sebago, Maine
Midnight_Thinker BRONZE, Sebago, Maine
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"it lives like a heart shaped like a jar and when others ask, can you open this for me? We always get the say answer, not without breaking it. More often then sometimes I say, go for it." -Shane Koycazan

I'm seeing this place for the first time
Though it's new it has the same design
Accessories and furniture plush and reeking of freshly-boughten-from-the-store
This is redone but it harbors the same unchanged flaw
It's empty,
Needing a new host to come take over this place
So it can take comfort in knowing it will be taken care of
These walls are full of color but no one will inspect them
Warm and cozy inside but has no volunteers to take this generous offer
This place waits and waits for someone to come along
Singing a grand song to bring life to this lifeless piece of architecture
Wanting only veins to have blood not dust, wanting it's gears to work and not rust
This mechanical splendor calls out to any passerby and on lookers
Flashing a for sale sign in there face
The price only being that you will stay,
But no one does,
This room changes everyday to see how it has to look to be occupied
Walls shift colors change everything whirls about in seconds and still no one seems interested
This house this room this empty place longing and longing reaching and reaching
But never touches anyone
This place that is known but no one wants to be shown
This window this door are meant to used not left closed
This invitation is meant to be accepted not ignored
This secluded wonder that is supposed to be explored
This sound coming from the walls wants to be heard
All it wants is to be soothed and not blistered
This place is peeling and cracking
moving and tries to be more attracting
Doing everything in it's power to make sure that it's image is not sour
This place is my heart, and no matter how I dress it up
I'm still left holding onto to this unwanted property

The author's comments:
I love metaphors and have become obsessed with writing them... this is one of the many things I have written like this

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