Tired Hypocrisies

March 14, 2010
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I am the one you can find above the crowd. I am the one with tired eyes. I am the craver of books, the addict of language. I take scenic route, I'm the bastion of dreaming. I am your best friend and biggest threat. I am the locket where your heart is and the key that opens it. I am the watcher with his eyes closed. I'm the one that chooses the back. I'm the one who doesn't care, the one with the most concern. The one with selfish love. I'm lethargy incarnate. I'm the one that knows every flaw, that loves them. I'm the one that hates imperfection. I'm the happiness that you need, an endless dealer. I'm the one talking you forget, the one smiling you never forget. I'm the one you will always find sleeping, dreaming of times when my eyes were awake.

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