A Salute To Change

March 14, 2010
I am a 16 yr. old girl who has seen history
You were a young African American man with a dream that made history
I dream of peace and have seen a change
You were the man that made my dream a possibility, the man that started the change I see
I have friends of all colors and race
You were the man that had the line dividing black and whites erased.
You empowered the African American race
I saw an empowered African American be the first elected to lead this country of all races.
Did you see from above Martin Luther King Jr. the election of 2009?
Did your soul spark with happiness, fulfillment and enjoyment divine?
Were you intoxicated with shock then sobered by pride?
Martin Luther, Martin Luther did you sing the young people’s votes for Barack Obama rise?
Would you have ever guessed that a black man would sit in the white house and run this country and that after all the abuse and judgment our race would get this far today?
Did you laugh or smile because you knew! That all it took was awareness and someone brave enough to try, just like you!
I am a 16 yr. old girl and I cried
My heart welled with joy and pride
I thanked God
My body warmed with hope
I thought to myself if he could do it, then so could I.
I became motivated and inspired to be first like you then him and ignite change.
Because of you paving the way for him… I took pride in me because for once I saw all future possibilities and no boundaries.

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