Where do Christmas Trees go After Christmas?

March 14, 2010
A green baby tree, eager little being
watching the older, get chopped down and leave
the greatest honor
to be a Christmas Tree
Grandmother talks and gossips with friends
'Lily, has gone too. I'm proud of her, Seth.'
'I miss her,' little tree said, 'will she ever come back?'
'No my darling, little tree, she’s gone, and left. To the west. Her Destiny there best.'
Little tree didn't understand
If no one knew what was to do out there
why did they celebrate that?
As little tree grew, he remembered the fate
and when the strange people came
he waited as they wait.
This snow, he was ripe
they cut him down, a tickle that night
a frown, sideways now
he was brought into a beautiful home
a little outside of town
where he was put into the center and
decorated with color and charm
while little children stared at him, wondering
This was Christmas?
I guess I was mistaken
I guess this wasn't so bad after all
hearing them talk of santa claus
After the present wrappers had been cleaned up, little tree, or big tree now
eagerly awaited the next event for he was happy and loved
they stripped him of his clothes
took him out of his water
shook him of his dryer needles
and stuffed him in the cellar
crying he felt like little tree again
he knew it
just new it
neglected and sad
he looked at the floor
he’s brows like a gray cloud
he never hurt anybody
why were they hurting him now
he looked to his right
and what he saw took his heart for a dive
Lily on the floor
the mother he’d craved for
the mother he’d missed
the mother he’d kissed
the memories crippled
he cried until he was all dry
and died

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