March 14, 2010
By C.Paige GOLD, Norman, Oklahoma
C.Paige GOLD, Norman, Oklahoma
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Favorite Quote:
"God teaches us things in mysterious ways. He teaches us love through heartbreak, He teaches us acceptance through failure, and He teaches us strength through the loss of things treasured." - C.O.

Words hold me back
Like a brick wall
A brick wall of justice
Cold. Fair. And lonely.
Constant streams of them
Coming at me
Stinging me
Pinching at my pride
They’re like a slap in the face
But with a hand of needles
The pain is unbearable
Bickering and whining
It’s all in my head
But oh so true
Then the slaps turn to punches
They’re like a boxer
With stone gloves
It’s a fight I can’t win.

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