Petal Love

March 14, 2010
By MissBear BRONZE, Magnolia, Texas
MissBear BRONZE, Magnolia, Texas
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Petal love, delicate as the budding clouds above sweet heads.
Looking to meaningless shapes for advice.
An oval; he loves me.
A circle; he loves me not.
Floating on the wind like a boat upon the sea,
the breeze carries sweet summer secrets.
A sun kissing freckles on the cheeks of young dream lovers.
Sending warmth down tenter spines.
Like a plant is fed by sun, love is fed with soul.
There are no circles in Petal Love, only an oval.

The author's comments:
Petal love is about the ever present summer romances of the teenage years, and how divinely memorable they can be. Petal love is not about flings. It's about the growth and maturation of the emotional condition called love.

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