Gone Wrong

March 13, 2010
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Traveling a clear path your whole life through,
Facetious consequences were well enough for you.
Untouchable, until reality ominously touched.

Perceived satisfaction departed; it was done.
The carefree, confident swagger,
exchanged for a nervous, exhausting run.

Breathlessly entering a foreboding night.
Arriving at a somber-toned tunnel,
In desperation, searching for the light.

Surrendering to the dangerous grim,
Before sighting the distant, attainable dim.

Hope is lost, and with it you.


Seeking through endless black,
Disclosure you no longer lack.
Locating hope in a radiant moon–
Transition is soon.

Wings upon shoulders of confidence
again guide with what to do.

Unmistakable gratification leads you out.
Warmth circulating within, signals a shout.

Shadows left behind;
Dark memories fresh in mind,
Vowed, you'll never rewind.

Invincibility isn't real, for you were affected
by the mistakes you inflicted.

Realization within your heart–
Only now can true contentment start.

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