Moving on?

March 13, 2010
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All the hours are moving,
My tears ready to drop,
Nothing around me makes sense,
And it won't seem to stop.

My mind is going crazy,
I can't seem to find my place,
Everything looks so shallow,
In such a confined space.

I'm tired of trying my hardest,
Of living through the same day,
I wish I could view things,
In a completely different way.

Because nothing is getting better,
And nothing seems to lie,
I don't want to go,
But I don't want to cry,

I'm really, really confused,
Always wondering why I'm here,
I wish I was invisible,
That I could somehow disappear.

I'm lonely, oh so lonely,
Need someone to hold me,
I feel so cold by myself,
So insecure and un free.

And I feel like I can barely breathe,
I can't get enough air,
I long for someone to love me,
For someone to care.

Because I'm slipping away slowly,
It's getting harder to hold on,
Oh, I'm just getting weaker,
And I'm almost gone

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