The Key

March 13, 2010
You misunderstood,
Just like I knew you would,
The key isn't to be fake
It isn't to be so real you only wear bape
The key isn't just to get by,
It isn't to see everything with your eye,
The key isn't to sound like Wiz Khlalif,
It Isn't to get a hot wife,
The key isn't to have the freshest pair of Nike,
It isn't to be so good at basketball they call you lil mikey,
The key isn't to be so popular every weekend you get one hundred calls,
It isn't to be so geeky you get a A+ for Ms.Frall,
The key is not to be superficial,
Or to be so cool your only called by your first initial,
The key isn't to wake up every morning and fix your nappy,
In the end the key is to always be happy.

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