Of the Days,Season and Life

March 13, 2010
Dawn, the sun rising to greet the day,

Spring is here new life beginning, greeting the New Year

A child is born, just beginning the journey of life

Spring is filled with the subtle hues of dawn,

The sweet songs of birds in the air

Heralding the arrival of the young and the beginning of yet another journey

The sun climbs high to the center of the sky, the center of the day

Summer swelters into being, vibrant and colorful like the hues of midday

The journey of life has progressed and now you are in your prime

The sun swims closer to the horizon,

a fiery explosion of colors make for a marvelous last display, a farewell to be remembered,

Autumn has arrived, stealing the color from the sky to adorn the trees

Your life is coming slowly to a close, yet you still have one last show be for it is time to be bid Au revoir,

Dusk, then night as the sun returns to its celestial bed and the moon overtakes the sky
Winter is here and all is asleep, the end of wildlife and the end of our year has come

Death comes to pay you a visit, to take you away, to your next journey, They say it is cold so I suppose that make it similar to winter, I can’t be sure because no one has ever lived to tell the tale, Your journey is complete.

Dawn, spring, birth all represents the beginning of something new and wonderful,
Perhaps that is why birth is often called the dawn of life?

Summer, midday, life in its prime, all are the center of something, the fragile balance between old and young, ignorance and wisdom.

Sunset, autumn, aging, nearing the end, the exhausting pace of the past has ceased, one last display before all goes dark and quiet,
One last thing for them to remember you by.

Night, winter, Death, the end of it all, silence creeps in,
But all is at peace because it is a natural cycle,

There is no use fighting it because you will not win,

Take note of the spring butterflies or the autumn apples,

They don’t bemoan the onset of winter

Anymore than the midday sum objects to the arrival of sunset, because all is an endless circle, an endless cycle

The same for nature, for the sun and moon and for you as well.

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