The Snowday

March 13, 2010
By Anonymous

Looking into the dry, cloudless sky
Willing for a blizzard with all my might.
Watching the first few flakes in the blue-black night
Come drifting down like stray feathers after a pillow fight.
And alight on the grass with the help of the the whispering wind.
At first, they seem so meager and weak compared to the mighty, icy monsters of storms searing through the country.
Like snowballs tearing through the fresh, moist snow,
these miniscule flakes strengthen and clump together with strength.
Until the morning when you pull open the blinds, unexpecting of the little bluffs of creamy white powder that crowns your newly transformed back yard.
And as you pull yourself up, you hear shouted in your ear.
Those two blessed words every student would kill to hear.

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