March 20, 2010
By Sharamore SILVER, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sharamore SILVER, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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I apologize.

I apologize for my peers, my instructors.

Walking out of class was the wrong thing to do, and I should have just taken my punishment.

Although I may have said some inappropriate innuendo, I will not address that matter for the moment, for I was told that it would be coupled with the abrupt leave of instruction.

For Miss Brittany Ellerbee, I give the utmost and sincere apology for those six inappropriate words, "I'm going to tie you up", thought harmless they might intend to be, and thought Miss Ellerbee didn't take offense, harmless they not seem.

As for Miss Green, though in the back of my mind I speak harsh obscenities about you from an eternity onward, I apologize to you, as well. Though on the surface it may seem sarcastic, deep down, I am sorry, but you must not know what lies deeper a layer than that....

As for the "Pants" issue, I shall not warrant anyone, anything. Personally, I feel that I should not be persecuted on my eccentricities. It is well known that I am odd, yes, and most of everyone knows this. I personally feel that Miss Green does not understand this of me, and thus, misunderstands me.

If you know not of the "Pants" issue, it involved I and Misses Green. As I sat in In-School Suspension, I pulled down my pants. Although I was wearing cargo shorts under them, and I was merely changing, she did not care.

I feign happiness with a smile on my face to put all in this room at ease, for inside, I am utterly frustrated.

This last week for me, has been too much to handle.

Now, you may mentally deliberate, and among peers, what may be of me.

But I remind you.

I, David-Stephone Domingo-Cherry, confess on the account that I said "I'll Tie You Up", to another student. Hitherto, I also apologize to both witnessing, and victim parties.

But I will NOT be persecuted due to my own eccentricities, and due to my own internal manifesto, I will NOT back down from my decision on that issue.

Thank you, and I digress.

The author's comments:
This is written for a teacher, who I "Offended", when I playfully told another student, "I'm gonna tie you up". I and the student usually exchange innuendo, but for some reason, on this day, my teacher took offense.

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