It must've been a Dream

March 20, 2010
By fallenfrommercy GOLD, Blyn, Washington
fallenfrommercy GOLD, Blyn, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
I can't remember mine, so I'll just use one from Dante's Inferno:
"This way a good soul never passes..."

I'm happy now

I can finally rest

this night will always be remembered

as my last and best

you grasp my hand in yours

and touch it to your face

pull me closer in your arms

I will die no other place

I try to explain through tears

that this is the way it has to be

you hold me tight and whisper

"please don't leave me"

taking a shaky breath

I look into your beautiful eyes,

and swear to you:

"This is not goodbye"

"I will protect you,"you vow

"I will keep you safe"

"It's not my choice," I said

"This is my fate."

"The same thing

that brought us together,

through heaven and through hell," I swear

"I will love you forever."

I cry harder, because

my time with you is slipping away....

closing my eyes, I hear

"No please; you have to stay!!!"

"Don't go!!! Please-

I love you!!!"

I struggle to open my eyes and say:

"I will always love you,

and I will never forget you..."

His angelic face,

forever preserved in memory,

As I closed my eyes,

leaving him and this world behind,

We may never see each other ever again,

but in my next life, I'll remember our love;

So strong it was,
who was he?

Then I'll shake my head, the memory forever lost to time,
and say:

"It must've been a dream......."

The author's comments:
boredom over the summer kills people.

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