The Ghost of my Heart

March 20, 2010
By fallenfrommercy GOLD, Blyn, Washington
fallenfrommercy GOLD, Blyn, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
I can't remember mine, so I'll just use one from Dante's Inferno:
"This way a good soul never passes..."

invisible fingers stroke keys
of black and white
The Ghost of my heart
is playing alone tonight

playing the song of the broken
on a piano hidden from view
I know every word like it was yesterday
sometimes I sing along too

It fills the night, so sad and beautiful
I lay my head down and cry
listening for the song in the darkness
as my soul and the candle, die

The Ghost of my Heart, still beleiving,
she plays and she plays and she plays
I'm dying inside, my song just a whisper:
"I don't want to live to see another day......."

The song talks about heartbreak,
of love and the end too
and that we will all die someday
no matter what we do

Soon enough, the song comes to an end
as I pick up the gun,
for the song, and my time here,
has long been over and done

invisible fingers stroke keys
of black and white
The Ghost of my Heart
is playing alone tonight...
for the last time.

The author's comments:
Listening to Piano Man by Billy Joel.

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