Broken Wings: Fly the Fallen

March 20, 2010
Tear me apart
Rob me of a heart
I don’t really care
I’ve already been there
Love means everything
But nothing anymore
Every day’s the same
But I’m the one to blame
Fallen so far
Hit the pavement too hard
Broke my wings
Soul devoid of anything
Lost in the labyrinth
Never been the same since
Spinning in circles endlessly
After the colors disappear, I still see
Fall into the void, close my eyes
Do the angels fly,
After they’ve forever fallen?
When no more do they answer the calling?
How do you put back the reflecting glass
Once it’s been smashed?
How do you heal the still-beating heart,
After it’s been torn apart?
Waking up from the dream
Nothing as it seems
Picking my broken body up off the ground
I’m screaming in pain but I don’t hear a sound
Soul devoid of anything
Fallen forever
Hit the pavement too hard
No way of flying with these broken wings…
Because you once were, and still are, my everything

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