March 19, 2010
Where do we go from here?
I've been waiting for you!
You never came to me.
Why is that?
Life is so complicated.
Did you leave far?
I must've done something wrong.
Sitting here is hard.
I'm shaking and getting weak.
Can't you see you've tortured me!
Did you plan this?
I'm getting pale.
You are the baby bird
And I'm the nest, huh?
I see now.
Letting the world eat me,
Letting light not see me,
Letting days and nights pass by me,
Letting you leave me.
Am I that horrible for you to go?
Just come back.
For now as we know it,
The world may end.
I don't want to die without you.
My heart is aching,
Lips are stuck together,
Eyes can't blink any longer.
This is what you done to me.
I guess you never know where
we'll go from here, right?
Where'd you go?

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