March 19, 2010
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My life is a sea shore.
My life is like heaven but on the earth.
My life is a flower right before it has bloomed,
Spriging out of the ground.
My life is like a charm,
held with care so dearly.
My life is like a bird flying up
and reaching the cloud's.
My life is like rain drop's falling from the sky.
My life is beauty.
My life is love, joy,
and all the fruit's of the spirit.
My life is just a foot away from heaven.
My life is the touch of a baby's hand.
My life is like a butterfly
flying so very high.
My life is a book of flyleafs, covered in love & peace.
My life is truly beauty if you see me you will see baeuty.
I'm an angel of grace and peace.
My life is like a waterfall'
falling down into a stream
of anointed water.
My life is forever going to last with God.
My life is lovely,
it's like a humming bird
flying across all the colorfull flowers.
My life is all joy
forever going to be joy.
My life is like a wonderfu; dance full of so much love.
My life is a flying leaf in the wind,
but always and forever flying like a wild bird.
My life is bare feet walking in the soft sand
and the graceful rush of the ocean.
My life is also the feeling of the wind in my face.
That is my life.

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Penn_Barod This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Mar. 29, 2013 at 10:17 pm
You have a great life!
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