Wild Child

March 19, 2010
By AndreaKincaid10 BRONZE, Cincinnati, Iowa
AndreaKincaid10 BRONZE, Cincinnati, Iowa
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Momma always told me I was hard to handle
She always told me something else was running through my country veins
As always, Momma was right, wild and crazy pumps through these veins
Wild and crazy has got me where I am and will take me where I am going
Wild and crazy makes my hair unruly and my face dirty
Wild and Crazy breeds awkward mornings and beautiful memories
Wild and crazy has given me my passionate soul and my burning desire for more out of life
Some say I am unfit for society, some say I am too out of control
But what they don't know is that wild and crazy produces ideas, cures and hope
What they don't know is that wild soul make this earth go round

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