THanks, mom

March 19, 2010
By Anonymous

The day they took him away I cried
It was like a piece of me was missing, already
Months later I still feel like I’m missing a huge part of me
You’re son, is my hero, I’m not going to lie to you
I was fifteen when I met him, and he stole my heart
He’s taught me what love really is and how it feels
To miss someone so much it hurts, I owe you so much
For helping us pass letters, and keep in touch
I’m only the girl that’s in love with him,
You’re the amazing one who gave him life
I can’t even imagine how you feel.
To have to sit outside the cell and watch
It’s got to be the hardest thing to do
Because I know how hard it gets for me
To have to wait on the outside,
Knowing that he’s not as close as
I keep dreaming he is
It has to be even harder knowing that
He is where he is and you’re his mom
I owe you a lot, because you gave birth
To the one that stole my heart
And you make each day without him
More hopeful than the last
Thank you so much
I love you

The author's comments:
its for my boyfriends mom whos been there like my own mom while hes injail i owe her so much

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