Ode to getting flowers

March 19, 2010
James masters gave me

2 dozen roses,

that he picked him self

from his mothers garden.
24 roses

So beautiful and vibrant

Reds, pinks and a splash of yellow

Running together,

Like a sun set on a beach

Melting away in to a bright full moon
Surrounded by twinkling stars.

I took them in my hands

One by one,

there fragrance wafting
15 A smells so sweet,

so pure and clean

As if it just rained.


I resisted the temptation
20 as I felt a sudden

Rush of excitement,

like a desperate dog

Waiting, hoping

for his master to throw the ball.
25 I wanted so badly to put them in

A glass box and

Preserve there beauty,

Like an ancient artifact

Fragile and delicate.
30 They were meant to be enjoyed

There beauty,

There smell,

There meaning to me.

I never thought twice
35 as I took

24 magnificent roses,

placed them in a vase

and put them on the table.

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