snapshot sweetness

March 19, 2010
By rh423 BRONZE, Brookside, New Jersey
rh423 BRONZE, Brookside, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"and it's you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you" - e.e. cummings

Window parade
Traffic jam
It’s obvious to us
Springtime lovers
Melting in the sun:

I remember the smell of chlorine
seeping in bathing suits
Smile in remembrance
Feelings rush in
Only fools fall
We celebrate our foolish tendencies,
They don’t come around much more.
He broke me
Now; he’s broken.
He’s pieces in my hands
Cursed fingertips
Premature maturity
We faked it and then we made it
At least for then…
It was all I could ask for
All I wanted
Forever more.
But now I look, a window shopper
Inside out
We watch springtime lovers
Remember what it’s all about.
Simple things and simplicity
Dance on my tip toes just to kiss him
Arms on hips
( that’s what I miss)
Summertime drives
Windows down
We yell to the world
We conquer it all
Invincible we are
Singing along for the ride
This feeling
This needing
Of his eyes
And hands
And the safety in his arms,
Just find me a man
To give me that again.
Slightly different
This time it’s older
Not as innocent
Arms in the air
Vulnerable to the tracks
No seatbelts
Because that’s the way to do it,
Everything or nothing at all
Giving tiny pieces you lose yourself along the way
Breadcrumbs pieces you find where you fell
This time,
Next time will be different.
Never the same
And every time I think back to the sweetness in the wind
Baseball fields
And bleachers melting for our love
It pains me to think back
To look back at the photographs
Letters he wrote love forever
It remains forever young;
Our love,
It’s frozen in that time,
Snapshot sweetness
I’ll remember this way.
Windows down and hand in hand
We took it all on
You were my man.

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