Your just a phase!

March 18, 2010
By B1r2e3 BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
B1r2e3 BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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you make me feel like everything is okay mr phase
you make me feel like my life isn't insane.
the truth is i can't bare this stain. you put it there i hope you know that.
can i call you, phase, stain and the best name yet is friend?
wow isn't it crazy who we call freind these days?
i can't believe you almost made me fall for that one again.
nope not this time!
i'm sticking to the word, phase. yes thats what you are.
don't call me or text me.
don't invite me over to "play cards".
i'm not going to be your phase anymore either.
i'm putting my foot down and i've decided my heart belongs to a person that i can call freind.
so Phase, my conclusion is me. i'm done trying to make you happy. now i'm turning over a new leaf. this is my finale thought to let you know, YOUR JUST A PHASE, that i won't crave.

The author's comments:
this peice was really important for me to write. so many people take the word freind for granted. when in reality they show their true colorsa nd aren't nothing more than a phase like boys wearing skinny jeans these days. boys make you believe they are more than just a freind. they are your everything. reality is they're just there to make you feel good about yourself for a second, then they're gone.

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