The World Is Full of Colors

March 18, 2010
The world is full of colors
but split by
culture and diversity

People say that just because
you're this color or that
you aren't light enough
or dark enough to be just you

But really if you listen to them
you aren't nearly you
You listen to others lies and hate

but you're not sure who
is right and who is wrong
or why you accept it because
maybe it's not true

So why be this way?
we can still get along
but not through

culture and diversity

We can never distinguish
the difference between
lies and truth

Sometimes truth is a lie
Sometimes a lie means just
the same as truth

We hear these words spoken
by our elders, but
could they be wrong?

Could they learn to live
without hate of culture and diversity

Hold your head up
Leave the criticism behind
Hold each others hand
and say no no no no

This isn't right
We should live together
no matter

No matter what car you drive or
how big you house is.
No matter what skin color you are or of your background

People come from different places
They keep there heads down
when they should hold them up

Colors make up the world
but we infer that
culture and diversity does

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ska-the-stoner said...
Apr. 5, 2010 at 10:11 pm
i like it!! :P
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