My life has become a Lie

March 18, 2010
My life has become a lie
Morphed into something
That others created
I have become apart of the crowd
Just another mindless follower
Changed into something I am not
I used to be original
Off beat
I used to not care
What others thought
I used to be my own person

Self conscious thoughts creeped into my head
I let myself fall into the ideas of others
The idea of complete perfection
Of being preppy and popular
I was under the control of others
No ways of escaping
My thoughts became cloudy
My mind infected by the perception of the crowd

I used to be someone who stood out
The bright dot on a dull world
An aura of difference surrounding me
But that aura was plagued
Torn away from me
Leaving only a dim gray
I became just another faceless being

Where have I gone?
I try and try to search deep inside
Looking for what I really am
I became a stranger to myself
What have I become when I don’t even know myself

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