The days pass by

March 18, 2010
The days pass by
Since you left me
All alone to fend for myself
Expecting me to live
I haven’t heard from you
Not a single word
I sit waiting
I close myself off from the world
I endure the pain
That is caused by the ever growing
Hole in my heart
I await something
Not believing that you will never come back
That you have left for good

How long has it been?
I don’t know
In the state you have put me in
The time flies by without me noticing
I’m unaware of anything
But the fact that I am alone
And the fact that you’re still gone
I cry
The hot tears streaming down my face
And I break down

I don’t know how my life led to this
I don’t understand why my life revolves around you
Nor do I comprehend why you left
But now I do know
You are never coming back
You left without a word
Never considering what my life would become
How miserable I would be
How painful it would be for me
How much I would cry

I am broken beyond repair
My heart is smashed into a million pieces
And no one is there to pick them up
All I can do is cry
I am cold
The unavoidable chill of heartbreak
Eating me out on the inside
Killing me without physical damage

I lay and watch the clouds go by
Tears brimming in the corners of my eyes
I wonder what you’re doing
If you even remember me
If you ever cared
Most of all
I wonder if I will ever see you again
And if we will ever be what we were
Or have you moved on
Like I should’ve moths ago
Like I should have the day you left me

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