March 18, 2010
By awesomeSarahPoetPerson PLATINUM, Richmond, Other
awesomeSarahPoetPerson PLATINUM, Richmond, Other
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Favorite Quote:
The greatest pain that comes from love is loving someone you can never have.”

Why should we go on
If we have already been torn apart
Is there any point to life
When it’s only you
If you’re completely alone
Can you really live if you’re surrounded by darkness?
If you’re filled with fears, doubts, guilt
Is it anyway to be
When all you can see is misery
Is living worth it
When you can only feel pain
Do your wounds ever really heal?
Do the scars ever go away?
Forever we remain torn apart
By the things in life that put us down
Those that ruin us
And those that make us cry
Every feeling that has made us fall into a depression
Every tear that falls upon our pillows
The little things that begin to eat at our souls and our hearts
When your life ends
Does it mean you can finally be free?
Free from all the suffering that you once felt
Free from every single thing that has terrified you
Free from the world
Free from yourself
why cant we just fly free

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