I Wonder Why

March 18, 2010
By DanielleZ DIAMOND, Rochester Hills, Michigan
DanielleZ DIAMOND, Rochester Hills, Michigan
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Do what you like and like what you do.

"Daniel, my brother,
You are older than me
Do you still feel the pain
Of the scars that won't heal
Your eyes have died
But you see more than I
Daniel you're a star
In the face of the sky"

I wake up today
In the early morning
I stare at the clock
And I wonder where you are

I had a Dream
And now I know
That you are
The One
And I wonder where you are

I see flashes
Symbols and irony
But it all comes down to
One thing
And I wonder where you are

Mr. Missing person
Seated before the window
Look through the eyes of day
And watch with envy
The children beyond
The Glass

I do hear you
Contrary to popular
I just haven't discovered
The way in which to
Unmask you
Give me your time
Not your grief

Speak to me
Oh, Wise One of glory
Open my eyes to black
Once more
Because as far as I'm concerned
Protecting me from
Won't do me well

We are nothing
We are pained
We are tortured
We are crying
Whoever responds
To these pleas
Is not a savior
Nor a murderer
Just simply a fufiller
Of disconsented dreams
This person
I dislike
They are lazy

Be patient
Dear child
You know
The power that I have
I am willing
To weild that power
For your benefit
If you let me

Beautiful Boy
I am here to take
Your hand
But I do not lead you
We can simply
Walk hand-in-hand

Do not fear
I have screamed
Do not worry
I have begged
Do not pretend
I have faked
Do not cry
I have fallen
Just remember
That what has happened
Is different for everyone
But the emotions
Are the same
If you think I don't know
The you don't know either
I promise

Oh! Excuse me
I am still reading
Please forgive me
I am still learning
Pardon me
I am still thinking
I am still alive

When it's all
And there is space
You and I can fill it
You will not fly
You will not transform
You will not succeed
You will not be free
I will help you find
What the other half of you
Not what you think you

I wonder why
We're still here
We could have easily
Terminated it
But instead of
The End
We found each other
So you tell me
Why you should

I see you

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