Earth's Pleading to the Sun

March 18, 2010
By Anonymous

Oh woeful Sunshine,
Pass your light down to me,
The innocent earth
That hath been touched by light
Only in meek ways
The pitiful earth
Is nearly swallowed
By ravaging non-necessities,
It needs the Sunrise
To clear all the turmoil,
Earth needs enlightenment

A sunrise unlike any other
A consuming light
A revealing darkness

Shadows disappear,
All is seen that has been unseen,
Night has never been so dark
Until Earth finally discovered
What She was orbiting

The Moon will rise,
The Sun will fall,
The Stars will vanish,
And the Skies will clear

Magic only experienced by the wise
Now how does this Sun
Need the earth at all?
To have a subject to shine upon?

To waste its time on?
Only to notice it is He
Who doesn't need the Other?
To realize that the wise man sees
Only what he doesn't know?

Matters to grasp
In a process only known
When all is gone
Nay, the sun needs nothing
But itself,
Merely desires are what haunt it

Matters seen only in the darkest nights
The sun shines on,
Alone but not
Apart, but together

Red and Yellow
Never to be mixed
Simply combined
Without explanation

Scarlet and gold,
Touching but never alone

The two bodies can only get
So close
Touching, yes,
But never one entity
Are they content?

Who knows?
Neither can answer,
Held back by the limitations
Of useless words

They are speechless

Pray for us sinners
Now until the hour
Of our death

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