The Strongest Man

March 18, 2010
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He is built like an ox
Arms of steel
Legs like trees
Hands of a giant
Feet like Sasquatch
Stubborn as a mule
But, as sweet as a lamb
As strong as the mountains
But he does have one fault
And that is me
I am his Achilles heel
Because his heart is made out of glass
For me
He would stop a speeding bullet
Stop a speeding freight train
All for me
I am his progeny
I am the one who will bring his legacy to others
But how can I tell his story
The story of the strongest man
How can I tell this story
How could I tell this to others
I am not the strongest person
He is
He is my rock
But somehow in some small way I am his as well
How can I, someone who is so weak?
So unbelievably not strong?
But I am his rock
I am the reason he wakes in the morning
I am the reason why
He carries the world on his shoulders all day long
And at the end of the day he gets me
The weakest person in the world
But I am still the strongest man in the world’s rock
I am his saving grace
Just as he is mine
I am his safe haven
Just as I am his
His arms are my castle
And my arms are his
The strongest man in the world is my Dad

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