Empty Twilight

March 18, 2010
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Something all too familiar was creeping
Sneaking around the dark corner quietly
Busy squares on the small empty earth
Standing at a four way intersection, alive
Cars swarming by, careful not to see me
Every lights glow blurring with the next
Purrs and roars blending in an odd harmony
Pedestrian voices ringing joyfully, unaware
The wonder of the night silent and statuesque
In the middle of it all, barely alive and lost
Her suffocating world closing in tightly
Arms unnoticeably moving to their comfort
Hugging her own susceptible open chest
The pieces of her well hidden at twilight
Awestruck with amazement, still confused
She concludes her night on the busy street
Sitting on the park bench, with no one
Alone, the empty feelings came back, alone

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