March 18, 2010
By SilentBeauty SILVER, Converse, Texas
SilentBeauty SILVER, Converse, Texas
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Always watching, but never criticizing.
I never need worry, for you are my guardian angel.
Unnoticed but always seen.
What happened to the innocence of youth
When we had games just about you?

Some shudder at the thought of you.
Their minds are cluttered with opinions not their own.
Ignorance conflicts with the truth.
Many say evil, i say loving.
People say stalking, I say loyal.

Dark looming presence with your ever changing size,
Tell me what in your heart lies.
Engulfing all in your path,
Engrossing scholars,
Ensuring my safe passage in the aftermath.

With you since birth,
There is no way to lose
This wonderful tool - unless that's what you choose.
If you don't want it,
You must not see all the wonderful things it can be.

Creeping in every corner, seeping through every crack.
The ever-growing 'savage' always has your back.
Always behind, pushing you forward.
Never pushing you down with a hard word.

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