gone alone

March 18, 2010
Why? says the deceased man’s soul.
Why did I die alone?
I did much right and little wrong.
Why was I left alone?
The sad souls look at the living, when he was
alive he was always giving.
The soul says, “I know I wasn’t the best looking”.
Why, “Life was still worth living”?
He see’s all the happy couples, “Their happy, I’m sad,
I must start trouble”.
He brings no peace.
He brings no light.
He’s quite the fright.
He cries and cries, like he never did when he was alive.
And he repeats, “Why, oh why God”!
No one replies so everyone continues to hear cries.
He never believed in God so he died Alone.
And all hopes of Heaven are gone.
He’s in Hell but still ALONE!

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reenie68 said...
Apr. 9, 2010 at 7:28 pm

Beautiful! Just beautiful.

This is so deep. Keep up the

good work!

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