March 18, 2010
By Anonymous

Scared of not knowing what comes next for us.
Scared of not getting the proper chance we deserve
Scared of the fact I can’t move on
Scared of not having anything to be worried about
Scared of the monster you are able to be
Scared of not being good enough
Scared of the pretty girls that look your way
Scared of you moving on, and me being left here alone
Scared of the way your crooked smile makes me melt
Scared of how effortless it is to be with you
Scared of confusion
Scared of seeing the disappointment in your eye’s directed towards me
Scared of you not accepting my apology
Scared of what is said about your past is true
Scared of being another checkmark on your bed post
Scared of taking a chance on you
Scared of tears being all for a waste of time
Scared of the fact I know you just continue to fill me up with false hope
Scared of that everything that comes out of your mouth is a lie
Scared of that this all is true

Sometimes you’re closer
When you’re letting go

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