Face Painting

March 18, 2010
By rachaelroozle BRONZE, Farmington, Utah
rachaelroozle BRONZE, Farmington, Utah
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I walk through the gallery
And gaze at the portraits.
Hundreds of faces staring back at me,
Hanging on the walls.
So many expressions
Painted on fresh canvas.
Many created with meticulous care,
Others with strokes of natural skill,
Then some with hurried smears of color,
Yet each expression unmistakable.
I walk through the gallery
And gaze at each familiar portrait.
These faces, these paintings,
Painted by my own hand.

The author's comments:
I hear people talking so often about painting their face. One day, when I heard this I thought, "Which face are they painting?" There are so many faces. There are the faces that come naturally without thought. There are faces that we compose so carefully to show to the world. Then there a faces we hurriedly put on so that we won't betray the emotions we just painted over. If we each had a gallery of all of our faces, how large would it be?

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