Broken Hearted Love

March 18, 2010
By Sparky630 SILVER, Middle Of Nowhere, Hawaii
Sparky630 SILVER, Middle Of Nowhere, Hawaii
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By the time I was here,
You were there.
I was ready.
You were gone.
You healed so fast;
But I didn’t heal.
Why are you so far? I wanted to be there!
To help dry your tears,
To help wipe away your fears,
But it was too late-
You left me, standing here.
I search left and right-no one is here to help me though this night!
Now we’re far apart.
I’m never going to get that chance.
You see, you moved on –so far away from me.
I’m still here.
Like a hallow tree-
I’ll be here forever, as it seems.
Someday, I’m hoping you will see.
I’ll be here, waiting forever, like a tree.
Till time runs out, and the sea dries up.
You’re a million miles away,
But that shouldn’t distance us.
I love you dear.
And I’m here,
How petite our fights now seemed to be.
How much we seemed to despise each other!
Until you hit that part-
my heart was stone solid to you.
Now that I need you, and I miss you,
You are gone!
You might never come back.
Fighting a war that is bigger than any of us,
My words seem so hollow.
You deserved better, than me.
In case you ever come back around here, home from the war.
I will be here.
Rooted deep in this soil,
Like a willow in the banks.
Waiting for you, I love you-
After all, you are my big brother.

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