March 10

March 18, 2010
By carolinedawn BRONZE, High Point, North Carolina
carolinedawn BRONZE, High Point, North Carolina
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365 days.

its been a year
where were you today?
my dear, i could've sworn i saw your face in my dreams
it wasnt the normal nightmare
it was a memory
the time we went surfing on the beach
scared to death, but having the best time
never did we fight
they say only the good die young...
where'd you go?
are you watching me?
i have so many questions
but no more time.
your hourglass is filled with sand...but its at the bottom.
why couldn't you've just listened to me.
i told you not to leave your house
i had that bad feeling
but no...
people don't listen to me
and now youre gone.
i blame myself.
but... throughout the year i've brought myself up
hiding my hurt behind every smile.
all the tears i cry are still because of you
although no one knows it.
my temper flares more
and i'm always on edge.
cars terrify me and in near accidents i see your face
the good times are in the past
we wont have any more laughs...
girl, i'm sorry.
theres no way i'd bring you back.
cause i know youre safe and sound.
i miss you though... just so you know.

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