Flood of the New Generation

March 18, 2010
By SoundTechie BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
SoundTechie BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
"In the Theater the audience wants to be surprised, but by things that they expect."- Tristan Benard

Excuse me kind people
But can you raise your voices?
Your lectures aren’t getting through my ‘thick’ skull
Your commands aren’t reaching my ‘imaginative’ mind

Because guess what I’m a teen
But that’s not it, is it?
You don’t have to remind me that you were a teen
Once upon a time…many years ago

That you’ve gone through everything I have
Cause that would be an outright lie
And plain disrespectful
Sorry am I being rude yet?

Do you actually think that being a teen long long ago
Gave you everything?
Everything to feel?
Everything to think?

This is a new time
And guess what
I’m a new mind
With different feelings and thoughts

Guess you could call me human
Guess you could say I feel different about things
Guess you could say you don’t know me
Guess you could say you can’t imagine what I’ve been through

Sure you were a teen
But that didn’t give you the key to life
Don’t even try to unlock the door with your ‘imagined key’
Cause the flood would come

And believe me when I say
You don’t want the New Generation
To drown you

The author's comments:
I'm sick of how every adult say's automatically "I've been there." or "I know what your going through, afterall i was a teen."

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