Daffodils Look Lovely Today

March 17, 2010
By Anonymous

They’re yelling again
Echoes bounding up the stairs
They could reach me in my sleep
But I lie awake with despair

It’s safe to say I don’t like this
But it’s how it’s always been
Didn’t know what a father was like
With or without him

I don’t remember much
And that’s partially what haunts me
The lightning in this house
Barely in my memory

Never together were they
I can’t remember an “I love you”
It doesn’t matter anymore
Lost his house, wife, and my respect too

I wake up to hushed venom
Can’t pretend to be asleep
You didn’t know my mind
The lyrics I now keep

The author's comments:
When I was little, I woke up one night to my dad and mom fighting. Before they finally divorced, he liked to blast music when he was upset. One of these songs sticks out in my memory: Daffodil Lament by the Cranberries.

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