Do You Realize What You Have Become?

March 17, 2010
By Lindsayrae BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
Lindsayrae BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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I’ve seen your inner soul for almost twenty years now.
Why is it acceptable to pay five dollars to the gallon?
I simply don’t understand.
When will you end the human war?
I don’t like how you attack lives different than your own.
I am sick of you thinking you are superior to all others.
When will you see?
When will you realize you are blinded by sensationalism?
When will you see it is not glorious to hang your enemy’s leader?
Despite all he’s done for twenty years now, your lips should not form a smile.
Why do you find pleasure in what should seem like sorrow?
I’m sick of acknowledging the man who was shot

for only until the next commercial break.
A life is lost and you simply are desensitized.
Instead you find joy in affairs, scandals, and especially celebrity deaths.
I never knew Michael Jackson and I’m sure he was a wonderful man,

but why do I feel I know more of his personal life than I do of mine?
Why must all your hair be that of Rachel Green or Kate Gosselin?
What made them the hair ambassadors of the world?
Your self absorbed ways are too much for me.
Your future makes me shudder.

You always blame the other man.
Well I’ve had enough and feel the urge to say it’s your entire fault.
I’m through with fancy houses and Senatorial affairs,

or the constant reminder of how gifted your children really are.
You’re all mediocre at best, if you will,
constantly yearning for more,

and never accepting all that you have,

And worrying for what will never be.

American Society do you realize what you have become?
Society why can’t you value all that you have?
Why must you idolize anorexic tabloid hogs?
Why not your grandmother?
Or father?
Or even the bagger at the grocery store?
Society, I’m taking my hand to the wheel,

and steering you to where you should be.
A world of acceptance,


and gratefulness.

The author's comments:
I just wanted to share my concerns to how I feel American Society is changing.

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