March 17, 2010
By DreamDancer SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
DreamDancer SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
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Life is fleeting. Live it.

Sinking silently beneath the ice
Bubbles rising up
Towards the hole in the ice
On a lake
Under the moonless night sky
A futile scream
Rips its way out of my throat
In my lungs I feel a searing burn
As they fill with water
The last of my oxygen
Floats silently to the surface
My vision turns fuzzy
The edges slowly begin to fade
The tips of my fingers begin to numb
Impossibly, Illogicly, Irraitionally
I feel warmth spreading through my being
The heat seems to radiate from my heart
The heart that just starts to feel a stillness
A stillness no one has felt and survived
I laugh as the long, thick reeds
Entwine themselves around my denim-sheathed legs
My hair billows around me like a storm cloud at midnight
Or mabye it's just my vision fading
Another laugh bubbles up out of my throat
By now my vision
Has faded down to black-blue pinpoints
Dancing in front of my eyes
Panic tries to resurface
But fails to even wrinkle
The black velvetness pushing down on me
The still, silent peace
Overcomes my senses
Nevermore do I sink
Through dark waters
Beneath the ice
On the lake
Under the moonless sky
Instead I drift in the emptiness between the stars
In the darkness between the candle and the flame
Floating in the void

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