March 17, 2010
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so forceful at first
yet after a time
start to fade
they're all I have
all I know
and still they fade away
unique every time
they're rewritten
but still repeated the same
utterly empty and stonic
yet full of emotion and life
brilliantly shining
every one
a different voice
among millions of voices
special, unique, beautiful
yet strung together
like cheap beads
popped from a plastic mold
haunting my dreams
filling my nightmares
but so beautiful
watching them dance
the blank page before me
quickly losing ground
in their doomed battle
the empty whiteness
itimidating the words
trying to stem the flow of letters
unable to do more
than make the pen
stutter momentarily
paper is doomed to lose
but so is the pen
words running out
of space to fill
so beautiful
the letters, the soliders
dance their way
from the tip of the pen
quickly overtaking the page
so mezmerizing
you never notice
the battle's ending
they've both lost
the page is full

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