Game Point

March 17, 2010
By Anonymous

Your hands catch the ball thrown at you

Everyone counting on what you do now,

You know the score,

The pressure is on.

You start to panic,

But you have to stop

All you have to do is relax, but

The pressure is on.

You take a deep breath,

Turn around and walk to the line

Everyone is screaming and cheering for you, but you can’t let that distract you now

The pressure is on.

A small part of your mind starts saying, “I can’t do this,”

But you stop that thought and think,

I did all those reps, I can do it, don’t think too hard, but

The pressure is on.

You hear the ref blow the whistle, and you block everything out,

You look at your coach for where you should serve,

Now only the court exists, nothing else is in your way

The pressure is on.

You toss the ball as you have tossed it a million times before,

It is perfect, your coach’s voice sounds in your hear, “Guide hand…REACH!”

You hit it and it goes over and touches the ground in the hole on the other side,

The pressure is gone.

You look at the score, you won the game,

Now you can let all the senses back in, people screaming, jumping and clapping,

Your team, laughing and screaming, engulfs you,

The pressure is forgotten.

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