Describing Indescribable

March 17, 2010
By Jingmei BRONZE, Lincoln Park, New Jersey
Jingmei BRONZE, Lincoln Park, New Jersey
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You are
The warm sunrise after the torrent night
Of endless cold rainpour
When all the land cries out in agony
You are
You are
The eagle’s cry
As you triumphantly return
Over the distant horizon
And by the light
Everything is beautiful
You are
The rays of light that embrace
Washing away the darkness
Of all the earth and all my heart
You are
The reflection in the dewdrops
Clinging on the grassy meadows
The lushness of the trees
And the wonder of the skies
You are
The resonance
Of the laughter of the child
Who is now dancing in the meadow
You are dance itself
The dance of life
As the glorious majesty is revealed
In your nature cloak of love
The child looks above
Even more than the “educated”
That a Higher hand painted
This indescribable work
And will finish in the wake of
The Light

The author's comments:
When we finally realize how God loves us so... then everything becomes more beautiful. When we finally realize that all of the world is not the end, that every injustice is righted by God... then everything painful no longer tears at our souls. When we finally realize.. that God just wants us, His people, to know and live for Him... then life in its entirety is worth living.

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